ArcticBreeze Portable Air Conditioning Review 2020 – Where & How To Buy From US?
ArcticBreeze Portable Air Cooler

ArcticBreeze Portable Air Conditioning Review 2020 – Where & How To Buy From US?

ArcticBreeze Portable Water-Cooled Air Conditioner Review from US, UK, Germany & Australia.

If you don’t have central air and need to cool a room ASAP, the first question you have to address is whether you want to buy a portable AC unit or a window air conditioner. A portable air conditioner is the best route if you can’t install a window air conditioner in your space because of design limitations or building restrictions. It’s also a better pick if you’d like a mobile air conditioning unit that can be moved from room to room or stored away at the end of the season.

What is the ArcticBreeze Portable Air Cooler

The ArcticBreeze portable air conditioner is a compact personal air cooler that pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to fill any space with cool, clean comfortable air. ArcticBreeze Water air cooler Small USB Charging Cooling Fan Home Smart Appliances.

ArcticBreeze Portable Air Cooler review
ArcticBreeze Portable Air Cooler review

1. Multi-functional. It has the functions of refrigeration, humidification, and fan. The wind speed can be adjusted in 3 gear.

2. No pollution. Refrigeration environmental protection does not contain Freon;

3. 380mL water tank. The water tank can be removed to add water, and ice cubes can be added to the tank for better results.

4.white light. With white ambient lights, you can sleep at night.

5. Super silence. 30 dB sound, super mute.



Here are some pictures of ArcticBreeze Portable Air Cooler. It’s available in many Gray & White color. 

Our Score

Here is our score after use ArcticBreeze Portable A/C



Best Water-Cooled Air Conditioner Under Budget

Water-Cooled Air Conditioner Small USB Charging Cooling Fan has all the features you need from your A/C, it is as good as the big brands but in a fraction of their price.




ArcticBreeze Specification

How to use ?


  • Color: Pink/Blue/Grey
  • Product Material: ABS + PC
  • Product size: 170*157*152mm/6.69*6.18*5.98″
  • Product weight: 740g
  • Water tank capacity: 380mL
  • Input parameters: 5V; 1A
  • Fan power: 5Wir flow: 800 CFM
  • Power supply mode: USB
  • Capacity: 380ML

1. Remove the cooling fan water tank and add about 380mL of tap water to it. You can add essential oil and small ice cubes, and then install the machine at the designated location.

2. Connect the USB power cord, press the machine fan switch key, the fan will start immediately and enter the weak windshield; press the wind speed switch, the wind speed will enter the stroke windshield. Press the wind speed switch again and enter the strong wind gear.
(Because of the high speed of high-end fans, some of the wind resistance will be produced when passing through the ice curtain and grille, which will make the machine sound louder and unavoidable.)

3. Press the “LEGHT” light key and turn on the white ambient light.
4. At any time, press the shutdown button and the machine closes.

Matters needing attention:

1. When the product is working, it should be placed on the horizontal plane, not inclined. When moving with water, keep it steady.

2. If the product is not used for a long time, the water in the reservoir should be poured out for drying. The filter element should be removed for drying and installed for preservation.

3. The power required for the third gear of the cold fan is large. It may not be able to start the third gear below 1.5A. It needs the adapter of 2A or the USB 3.0 port on the computer to supply power.


Should You Buy This ArcticBreeze Air Conditioner?
Is this fan for me?

Personally, I really like this fan. I’m constantly using it when I’m on my laptop or if I want to use my home’s A/C a little less to save money.

And that’s who I think this fan is for. On the product page, this fan is listed as a personal tabletop and desktop fan, and that describes it perfectly.

This is the perfect fan if you’re doing homework, if you’re on your computer, if you’re at your work desk, and if you want to save money on electricity. To be honest, you can use it for pretty much anything as long as there’s a nearby outlet.

Even your pets will enjoy the cool breeze and misty air this fan blows at them during those long, torrid dog days of summer. Just be careful that it doesn’t topple over, and watch out for those water droplets.

So if you’re still asking yourself whether this fan is worth it, just think about how and where you can use it, and I think you’ll know what to do.

Where To Buy

Here’s Where & How you can get your ArcticBreeze Portable Air Cooler

Screenshot 6


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Service Centre

Service Centre Details :

Address : Unit 8, 2/F, Hong Tai Industrial Building, 37-39 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.
Email :
Contact : 23895888

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