CoolAir Review [2020] – Best Portable Personal Air Conditioner in US?

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Coolair evaporative portable air conditioner works by sucking the hot air in and replace it with the fresh and cool air. In addition to this, CoolAir also removes the unpleasant smell from the room and convert it into the fresh smelly air.
CoolAir Review

CoolAir portable air conditioner




Quietness and Portability


Fast Cooling







  • Low energy consuming
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Setup
  • Long Lasting


  • Not a High Tech Fancy AC

If you’re looking for information on CoolAir mechanical Review plus how to save money when shopping for a CoolAir portable air conditioner, then you need to take a moment to read this brief article.

Coolair portable A/C was trended in 2019 but in 2020 it’s still trending in the United States, Australia, Israel, Canada, Germany, Singapore & United Kingdom.

Coolair evaporative portable air conditioner works by sucking the hot air in and replace it with the fresh and cool air. In addition to this, CoolAir also removes the unpleasant smell from the room and convert it into the fresh smelly air.

This device compact in size hence you can carry it with you anywhere. These add on features make it good for the family especially kids.

CoolAir is a three-speed controlled fan which is powered by a connection to a USB port.

It is compact and has a portable design, so whether you are in the office, working from home or staying at a friend’s, you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go.

CoolAir mechanical review

This device cools, purifies and humidifies the air around you, creating a personal space that suits you. It has a mood light setting, with 7 different colour options to set the tone for your day or night.

Coolers have come a long way. What were initially just containers to keep water cold for hours are now cooling solutions with added features. You can play on your coolers or take them on long trips.

The modern coolers draw inspiration from everyday activities and different lifestyles. The inflatable nightstand with checkers from CoolAir is one great item. This is perfect for camping and outdoor fun. If you need an extra-low table or a footstool, this can do.

CoolAir coolers with the checker game top are made of plastic and have the AirTight system. This means that you won’t have any leaks, and the checker set comes with your purchase, too.

The interior compartment can be used as a trashcan, storage bin, or cooler.

When you’re done camping or simply being out of doors, simply deflate and pack the cooler into a bag, or use it to store other things that are light in weight. This particular model is just $89, a very good deal for this kind of camping gear.

button buy coolair from official vendor

CoolAir coolers are available for individuals and school children or for packed lunches. CoolAir has every conceivable design for coolers for different tastes and all in pretty and no-nonsense colors.

How to choose good portable air cooler ?

In this CoolAir Review, we’re going to look at 3 tips on purchasing a portable AC unit that will help you save money and get the most bang for your buck. First, we’re going to talk about the importance of choosing the right BTU rating.

coolair reviews usa

Next, we’re going to going to talk about deciding on a brand. Finally, we’re going to finish up with how choosing the right model can make or break your savings.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to shop confidently, knowing that you’re getting the best portable AC [CoolAir] for your money.

CoolAir vs. Standard Air Conditioner

At the peak of summer seasons, the heat from the Sun can make the internal environment of your home hot, dry, and uncomfortable. Regardless of how much you try to cover your windows, the summer heat will always find a way to reach you.

Combating this heat without a powerful air conditioner can be an uphill battle, and it’s unlikely that you will be able to beat the heat.

However, installing an air conditioner gives you the chance to cope with the heat and make your home comfortable.

Traditional Air Conditioning

While traditional air conditioners have an extended reach, there are various other problems with them.

First of all, conventional air conditioning answers are tough to install. These are big devices that must be handled by means of professional installation services. Even something as simple as AC set up can bring about extra fees for you.

Besides that, traditional air conditioners consume a lot of energy. Most times, the energy consumption will increase over time, swelling your energy bills even more.

CoolAir customer review

These units need regular maintenance and repair to keep performing optimally, which can result in even more expenses.

Moreover, conventional air conditioning structures are large devices and take a number of area to healthy to your home. This can make it hard to install these devices where you want.

In addition, homeowners may face problems when a unit has to be transferred to another room.

Lastly, traditional air conditioning units use a combination of filters and refrigerants cool the air down.

As discussed before, this method not only consumes a lot of energy, but it also releases greenhouse gases such as Freon.

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir is a lightweight, powerful, and compact air conditioner that provides excellent cooling without consuming a lot of energy.
The product is also portable, and you can use it anywhere you like, as long as there is an electrical socket nearby.

CoolAir Portable Air Conditioning

CoolAir is almost the complete opposite of traditional air conditioners. A portable mini air conditioner, such as CoolAir deals with the heating problem in a cost-effective manner.

coolair review topgadgethut

The device does not require complex installation and works well even with minimal maintenance.

Although the CoolAir device is not as powerful as a complete air con system, the tool does well to preserve on its own. It can quiet down temperatures appreciably in a particular area.

Instead of using harmful chemical agents and refrigerants, CoolAir reduces indoor temperatures with the help of water. The device evaporates water and disperses vapors with the help of its fan.

These water vapors then clean and cool down the hot air. As a result, the device is eco-friendly and consumes minimal energy.

Operating CoolAir is extremely easy and doesn’t require any expert knowledge. All you have to do is pour 300 ml of water down its tank.

The device will then keep working without any problem for 8 straight hours. After that, you only have to refill it again to let it do its job.

Another distinguishing characteristic of this tool is that it’s far extremely portable. Homeowners will now not have any troubles placing the unit in your room. The tool’s smooth and compact design lets in it to fit into any vicinity you desire.

Even when the device is having problems in its operation, the repair costs are not that high. Also, as the device is not as pricey as traditional air conditioners, it is easier to replace it when it breaks down.

CoolAir Overall Rating

Although it is not as powerful as a traditional AC system, it is ideal for people who need cooling without bearing high electricity bills. In our opinion, the CoolAir air conditioner does a stellar job of regulating the temperatures in small and medium-sized rooms.

CoolAir evaporative
portable air conditioner

It uses minimal energy to operate and does not take much time to start cooling your room. The device is portable, which makes it an even more desirable option.

CoolAir Pros

The device has several amazing features, which set it apart from the rest of its competition. We have listed down some of these characteristics in the following:

Quietness and Portability

Another great feature of this device is that it operates without creating any annoying noise. Many homeowners purchase fans to cut down their energy use, but end up regretting their decision as most fans make too much noise.

The device will continue to add moisture in the air without creating wafting mist or any unnecessary noise.

portable air conditioner review

Moreover, the device has a compact size, and you can carry it anywhere you need it. The device has dimensions of 6.7×6.7×6.7 inches, so you won’t have any problems trying to make space for the device.

The device also has a USB jack, which you can plug-in into your car, your computer, or your laptop. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be near an electrical socket to function.


CoolAir AC has an extremely sleek design, which complements its cooling prowess. The device is a pleasant addition to any room. Homeowners can use its 7 different built-in LED lights to adjust lighting according to their mood.

In addition to that, the device has an LCD display, which is bright and easy to read. The feature allows users to perform operations on the device with ease.

CoolAir evaporative
portable air conditioner

Fast Cooling

Although the device is small and seems to be too simple to work, it is deceptively effective. CoolAir AC can start cooling your home within 60 seconds.

The device has three separate fans, which allows it to kick start the cooling process without wasting time. You can utilize these fan settings while you are working, playing sports or sleeping.


Traditional air conditioning systems can consume up to 3500-5000 watts. Naturally, if a device consumes this much energy, it is bound to increase your energy bills. On the other hand, CoolAir only uses 350 watts of energy, which is at least ten times less than traditional air cooling systems!


We cannot stress this enough – the device is extremely cost-effective. Even if you consider the initial investment, the device is much cheaper than traditional cooling units. While many traditional devices cost up to thousands of dollars, CoolAir will cost you dozens of times less.

button buy coolair from official vendor

The company offers generous discounts to its users, and users can get their hands on the device at a 50% discount. The total cost of the device ends up being less than $100 after discount. That’s not all; you will also save yourself on high installation costs and heavy repair that often come up with large AC units.

CoolAir Cons

Despite being an excellent product, it is not perfect. Here are some of the product’s drawbacks that you need to know:

Limited Range

The company says that the device works optimally in the premises of 45 yards. This means that the device is excellent for cooling places that aren’t large. People who want to use it in spacious places will find the device to be ineffective.


As we have discussed before, the device works by dispersing water vapors for cooling. However, this will not always work. Places that already have high humidity levels make it difficult for the machine to work.

CoolAir mechanical/consumer Review

If natural air is humid, the device wouldn’t be able to evaporate water and then use it for cooling. Therefore, the device is ideal for places with dry atmosphere but will fail to do much in densely-humid surroundings.


Traditional air conditioners are large and have the capacity to effectively regulate indoor room temperature. However, CoolAir can’t affect the surrounding temperatures as well as a whole air conditioning system.

How to get CoolAir near you?

Don’t miss the chance to make CoolAir yours today: Immediately check their official website.

You can see the best deals of this amazing product by just clicking the button below. And you can get up to a 50% discount if you get yours today. If you only need a single unit, you can get one for only $89.

button buy coolair from official vendor

And they offer FREE shipping for every order as well.

But buying in bulks can increase your chances to save lots of money. You can choose between three different packages on their website. The best seller package includes 2 units plus 1 FREE.

No wonder most people love this pack. And if you need 3, you can buy 3 and get 2 FREE units for only $267. This helps you save more than $170.

coolair offer

Getting more while saving more is the wisest thing you can ever choose when it comes to buying excellent products.

Finally, it is very important to note that they don’t include hidden fees on your purchases. Moreover, you can expect your package to arrive right at your doorstep on time.

Because they have an excellent package tracking system to meet and exceed your expectations.

button buy coolair from official vendor

Any Queries or Need Technical Support?

For further queries about the product you can send your questions directly on their official email account:

And if you want to reach Hyperstech CoolAir’s customer service, you may connect to the team via the following numbers:

For international: +44 20 3808 9234
For Brazil: +55 15 98147 1395

Final Thoughts

CoolAir is an excellent option for homeowners who want to cut down their electricity costs and cool their homes in a more affordable manner.

Although it doesn’t have the same power as a full-blown air conditioning unit, the device is adept at making significant changes to indoor temperature.

But, you have to keep in mind that the device is ideal for places smaller than 45 yards.

Another great feature of the product is that it’s compact and portable. The device can fit anywhere from the corner table to your working desk and consistently provide you with cool, clean, and fresh breeze.

CoolAir AC has a USB port, so it doesn’t need to be near electrical ports for functioning.

CoolAir mechanical/consumer Review

You can also fit this device in your car and enjoy your rides in a chilled environment.

Overall, the device has plenty of amazing features and is perfect for those who want an efficient and cost-effective cooling solution.

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