Explore Air Drone Review [2020] – Is it Legit or Scam ?

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The Explore AIR drone with new dynamic flight adjustment innovation is a first for camera drones. Drones are extremely popular come late spring regardless of whether you are an open air swashbuckler, picture taker or cinematographer.
Explore Air Drone Review

Explore Air Drone “Customer” Review

This article you will know about Explore AIR Camera Drone with Active Flight Stabilization Technology user experiences and is it any good for you or your child ? also where & how to buy from official website with special discount offer plus worldwide free shipping. Lets start…

Drones ever since its initiation has taken the photography world by storm. Its uses extend from the domestic market’s friendly skies to the fearsome military threatres and also frat parties, real estate and delivery service. Such is the impact of the drone camera that more and more people are opting for it. But just as any new trend, buying a drone camera can be quite confusing.

The Explore AIR drone with new dynamic flight adjustment innovation is a first for camera drones. Drones are extremely popular come late spring regardless of whether you are an open air swashbuckler, picture taker or cinematographer.

While there are various sorts of drones on the online commercial center, Explore Air Drone is a standout amongst other lightweight pocket quadcopters made to be offered under $100. Fit for recording ultra-top quality ethereal recordings, this remote control camera drone permits live stream recording straightforwardly to your iOS or Android gadgets with a wide point 120° focal point with cutting edge steadiness and a committed processor unit.There’s one more popular drone available under $100 – Check DroneX Pro.

The pilot working the drone can find progressively what the Explore Air drone is seeing. What’s more, notwithstanding having a propelled GPS capacity, the drone is outfitted with programmed departures and landing ability with a flight time of 12 to 15 minutes for each charge. How about we examine a portion of the highlights that make the Explore Air drone an absolute necessity gadget for the individuals who appreciate taking recordings from high above.

Explore AIR Camera Drone

Let’s take a quick look at the advanced features offered in the Explore AIR camera drone, all of which is under $100. The fully loaded Explore AIR quadcopter is stacked with multiple features and benefits other drones simply do not offer given the price, size and functionality. From the 1080p wide-angle optical flow flight camera optimization to the high-resolution active stabilization-sensor technology, the versatile Explore AIR drone is setting the drone industry on fire with its app-friendly control panel and real-time recording effects while flying.

Let’s quick run through all of the main attractions that make the Explore AIR drone one of the hottest and most in-demand aerial flying quadcopters on the market today no matter if it is for adults or kids looking for a little excitement and outdoor entertainment to be captured like never before.

Explore AIR Drone

What Features Does Explore AIR Drone Include?

There are many features and benefits to highlight with the new Explore AIR drone from Hyperstech.

Aerial photography

The Explore AIR drone produces excellent aerial photography and delivers 4K video smoothness. It has ‘’flat’’ color technology that keeps video information, which helps in post-processing. Additionally, the H.264 video codec is capable of recording more information on a single frame and saves on space. With its quality build structure that has shock-proof technology, Explore AIR is an easy to carry and use pocket quadcopter that gives anyone the ability to take breathtaking images and capture the moment like never before.

The drone also preserves the details and dynamic range of your videos, thus ensuring you always capture quality content.

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Ultra-Wide Angle camera for breathtaking images

The drone has an amazing SmartPhoto function and integrates scene recognition with hyperlight functionality into a single mode, which delivers optimal results. The scene recognition functionality optimizes the camera parameters to match the scenes. It is divided into five main categories: trees, snow, grass, sky and sunset.

Dynamic range

Explore Air drone also supports Bayer Quad technology that offers color sensitivity and excellent dynamic range. It offers a three point-axis stabilization on each plane that allows reliable video and photo rendering, which comes in handy when recording videos in extremely windy conditions.

Smart tracking modes

The drone has a feature known as FocusTrack that enables you to record quality movies. Additionally, it has customizable smart tracking options that include Point of Interest (POI), Spotlight and ActiveTrack that give you the freedom to express your creativity.

You can use these modes to lock the camera on your subject. After you select your main subject, fly the drone and it will do the rest. Furthermore, its ActiveTrack technology allows you to avoid obstacles when tracking objects. And thanks to its precise and defined path search, it allows you to keep your subject within the frame even when there is an obstacle present like a tree.

The POI 3.0

This functionality allows proper definition of flat surfaces as well. While POI 2.0 is capable of losing the subject at hand, the Explore Air drone is an improved version. It can easy track moving objects like vehicles, people or boats.

The Hyperlapse 8K technology

Another feature that make this a must-have gadget is it’s well-defined Hyperlapse 8K functionality, which allows you to record breathtaking films. And the main advantage of using this feature is that it allows you to take quality shots with minimal post-processing.

Long recording range rated 12-15 minutes

The drone also allows video recording of up to 10 km as well as full HD live broadcasting directly from its in-built camera. It also supports dual-frequency communication and allows you to switch to the desired frequency with minimal interference.

One single charge

The Explore air drone can operate at a longer duration thanks to its reliable battery life. You can record epic films for about 30 minutes uninterrupted with maximum flight speed.

Flight precision

The drone is capable of analyzing its environment through three different directions: downward, backward and forward. More importantly, it has an excellent auxiliary light that enhances visibility hence helps to avoid obstacles.

Additionally, it has complex mapping technology that allows smooth tracking as well as obstacle avoidance. This functionality definitely comes in handy in complex terrains with a lot of obstacles. Put simply, automatic flight preparation and obstacle avoidance has improved tremendously as compared to the previous drone models.

Remote Control and longer flight time

In addition to having an easy to use remote controller, Explore Air drone has a longer flight time and can make videos for 20 minutes straight. This is quite impressive as most drones usually record videos between 10-15 minutes.

Explore AIR Drone

Explore Air Remote Control Drone Pricing

Depending on how many Explore AIR camera drones you want to purchase, there are multiple packages available that can bring the price of one down to as low as $59 per drone if buy in bulk.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

1 Drone: $99
2 Drones: $159 ($80 each drone)
3 Drones: $197 ($66 each drone)
4 Drones: $249 ($62 each drone)
5 Drones: $297 ($59 each drone)

All prices include free shipping and delivery worldwide on all orders.

For those who want more, there is also additional options made available:

Premium Carrying Case ($24 per): A dust-proof, waterproof, durable, sand shock-proof carrying case.

Optical Flow Camera ($27 per): Additional camera to face downwards at the ground and uses advanced CPU processor calculations to enhance flight stability and hovering ability.

Extra Propeller Blades ($9 per): Depending on your flying skills with the remote control camera drone, extra Explore AIR propeller blades are available in case you break or crash too hard, you can install replacement blades.

3 Year Warranty ($24): Consumers can purchase a 3-year warranty to protect all items in your order for $24.

The website accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

Explore Air Remote Control Drone Refund Policy

Important caveat is to understand there is no Explore AIR drone refund policy on opened products. Only unopened products that are still in the original packaging may be eligible for a full refund. For those who qualify, you can request a refund within 30 days by contacting the creators of the innovative Explore AIR drone.

Explore AIR Drone

Where To Buy Explore Air Drone

Here’s Where & How you can get your Explore Air Drone From Official Vendor


Here is our score after use Explore Air Drone



If you compare other Drones under $100

Then this is the best Drones in market.


Who’s Behind the Explore Air Remote Control Drone?

Novads OU is the company behind the Explore AIR drone. After creating and pioneering the aerial quadcopter space years ago with the DroneX and DroneX Pro models, the Estonia-based technology company is releasing the new Explore AIR camera drone with advanced active flight precision stabilization technology that is set to be a game changer for the drone market, all for under $100 per unit.

You can contact Novads OU via the following:

Email: support@hyperstech.com
Phone (International): +44 20 3808 9234
Phone (Brazil): +552135003992
Mailing Address: Valukoja 22 11415 Tallinn Estonia

Explore Air Remote Control Drone

Bottom line on Explore AIR Drone

Explore Air drone as of now remains over the rest in the commercial center with its solid body and stunning camera quality given that it is $99 for one unit or as low as $59 per when purchasing five. In addition, it’s moderate when contrasted with most very good quality drones that don’t offer close to the development or rundown of highlights and headways with regards to quadcopter innovation. It is thusly an ideal decision for videography and photography devotees who appreciate the outside and need to catch special minutes in time that other camera drones just don’t offer at the cost.

To get your hands on the lightweight, application well disposed, simple to convey pocket drone with superior quality and high-goals wide-edge 120 degrees camera, look at the official site for Explore AIR drone to perceive what the buzz is about this new Active Flight Stabilization Camera Drone.

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