Silent Snore Reviews [2021] : Is It Any Good?

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Silent Snore is a creative, easy-to-use and effective snore reduction aid that has been shown to resolve the root cause of snoring when you sleep.
Silent Snore

There is nothing like trying to find the perfect anti-snoring device, but ultimately finding yourself lost in a sea of snore aids that promise to get rid of your night-time nuisance. It’s hard to know which ones are working and which ones are not. Instead of trying the expensive trial and error method, there are ways you can identify quality products from the rest.

Before purchasing a product, take a moment to consider whether or not it is safe to use. If the packaging says that it is, take a look at the product and see if it looks safe to you.

If snore aids aren’t safe, they aren’t going to do you any good. Secondly, how does the product work? It is doctor recommended?

This is a very important recommendation because, if it comes from a doctor, then you know the product is designed to work.

Finally, how much is the cost of the snore aid? Know, just because something costs a lot doesn’t mean it’s better than another product. Before investing a lot on one or more anti-snoring gadgets, consider narrowing the field down to one or two items that are fairly priced and try them out.

For example, a manufacturer by the name of YourGoodDeal has invented one of the popular doctor recommended and approved snore aids. The Silent Snore, as it was appropriately named, grants snoring sufferers with a restful night’s sleep.

Silent Snore Magnetic Anti Snoring Nasal Dilator Stop Snore 10 21

Silent Snore is a creative, easy-to-use and effective snore reduction aid that has been shown to resolve the root cause of snoring when you sleep. This one-size-fits-all medical-grade silicone nose clip easily helps open the upper airway, improves nasal ventilation and prevents uncomfortable, noisy snoring during sleep. SilentSnore uses two therapeutic magnets to combat any possible obstruction of the airway.

A non-invasive, comfortable and low-cost alternative to dental appliances and other costly and invasive snoring remedies, SilentSnore is lightweight, super soft and blends easily into your nostrils, so you won’t even feel it when you sleep. It is also reusable and comes in a hygienic, classy shell-like case that you can put in your family’s travel kit as well.

Everything from special pillows to nose strips and even surgery are said to cure snoring, but what really works? And, more importantly, why do people snore?

This is a million dollar question for the minds of sufferers all over the world. With so many things promising to cure this night time nuisance, it’s hard to know which product can help the sufferers stop snoring and which ones are just a hoax.

One of the biggest reasons people claim the snow is obesity. Excessive fatty tissue contained in the throat can make it difficult to breathe by blocking air passages during sleep, which is said to be the main reason why people snore.

In reality, numerous issues with the throat are said to be among the most widely accepted explanations why people snore, including irregular uvula. The uvula is a thin skin that dangles in the back of the mouth and can be clearly seen. It also lies in the back of the throat at night, causing limited breathing. When this happens, the person is told to start snoring because of the restraint.

If it is swollen, tonsils are often considered to be among the reasons why people snore. Basically, something that causes air passages to be blocked will lead to snoring. Allergies, colds, sinus infections and other related conditions also cause the nasal passages to be blocked and snoring often results.

The aging process is unavoidable, and new problems frequently arise with age. Studies show that snoring is more common with age as the skin in the throat starts to lose its elasticity, along with the skin in other areas of the body. Another common explanation why people snore is that many people sleep on their backs.

It is known that those who sleep on the back appear to snore more than those who sleep on the side or on the stomach. The explanation is that, by sleeping on the back, individuals cause fatty tissue and other sections of the throat to rest in the back of the throat and obstruct air passages.

In addition to these common reasons why people snore, there may also be a more serious problem present and snoring may be just a warning sign.

People who suffer from sleep apnea are at higher risk of developing significant health complications, including those related to the heart, circulation and more. Snoring may or may not be as simple as allergies or sleeping on the back instead of the side, but it may also mean that a medical condition is emerging.

One of the customer “Mr. James From Pennsylvania” wrote his personal experience about snoring

“I am still entertained by the never-ending argument between the snoring people and their loved ones, who are forced to listen to the orchestra every night. Well, at least I was there before I figured out the joke was on me.  

I was blamed for snoring one morning, my first response was: I never snore, you must be incorrect. I was soon proved wrong, I heard myself captured on tape, and it was unbearable. Believe me, my wife was really close to divorceing me because of that. Since I love her so much, I had to find a very fast snoring remedy, and so I did.

Before I could find a solution I had to figure out why I was snoring in the first place. I have found that I am not alone. About 44% of men and 28% of women age 30 to 60 suffer from this phenomenon. 

Silent Snore Problems

Snoring usually takes place when the upper parts of our breathing path, at the palate, weaken. As a result when we breathe the air passing through these parts causes sides vibration, these vibrations are snoring.  In drastic situations it could lead to breathing-pauses which degrade our blood oxygen level.  This might lead to increased blood pressure, heart bit pace disorder and even a stroke.

That information alone has convinced me that this is truly my problem and not my wife’s, and the sooner I find a solution the better.  I have found a few nice ways each comes from a different perception.

The first things I have found were conventional: The Silent Snore

Why Do I Need SilentSnore?

The fact that the snorer is not even aware that he/she is snoring does not help the person. This is because people who are prone to snoring show at least some of the following symptoms during the day—irritability, decreased concentration and prolonged sleepiness during the day, which can adversely affect their lifestyle and everyday activities. Equally significant, the noisy, distracting noise prevents the snorer’s loved ones from having a decent night’s sleep.

Silent Snore Magnetic Anti Snoring Nasal Dilator Stop Snore 10 12

If you or your partner are dealing with snoring and suffering from sleep deprivation, then Silent Snore is a simple but efficient and inexpensive solution to your sleep-related problems. It offers immediate results in terms of snore reduction and, in addition, you and your partner are no longer feeling sleepy. You and your loved ones just deserve a good night’s sleep every night, and SilentSnore will help you out easily and effectively, far less.

Benefits of SilentSnore

This simple, lightweight yet effective snore reduction aid combats sleep deprivation and provides both snorers and their partners with an array of benefits, that include:

SilentSnore helps to address the root cause of snoring, not just masking the irritating sound, by opening up the upper airway.

Incorporates two therapeutic magnets that eliminate any possible obstruction of air flow during sleep for efficient nasal breathing.

It has been known to function since Day 1, greatly reducing the sound of snoring and allowing the snorer and their companion to have a restful sleep.

Silent Snore is made of 100% safe and non-toxic, medical grade silicone, is very easy to clip on, comfortable to wear, reusable and hygienic.

A reliable friend for both snorers and their loved ones, allowing them to wake up feeling more restful, having a positive effect on their lifestyle.

Silent Snore may also be used to optimize nasal breathing during the day, such as during or after exercise, or when you have nasal congestion.

In addition to lowering the risk of atherosclerosis, this snore reduction help has a beneficial impact on your physical, mental and emotional health.

Silent Snore Rating and Recommendation

With the aid of our editors, we conducted a test to determine the efficacy, comfort and protection of this basic anti-snorkel ring. Group A has been reserved for our single editors, while Group B has been reserved for those with a partner. Both groups got ultra-soft SilentSnore snore reduction aid to clip on before bedtime, and group A editors used a snore app to monitor their sleep.

In order to evaluate the findings in Group B, we asked their partners about the effect of SilentSnore on their nasal breathing. We evaluated the findings the next day.

In Group A, the recordings revealed scarcely audible snoring sounds, thus showing that SilentSnore greatly decreased snoring. Group B editors’ partners said that they could finally get a decent night’s sleep thanks to SilentSnore, as the noisy snoring of their partners was reduced by this tiny but effective snore reduction help. Based on the findings of our research, we highly recommend SilentSnore to anyone dealing with snoring because it really works.

Silent Snore Magnetic Anti Snoring Nasal Dilator Stop Snore 10 5

Where To Buy SilentSnore?

Customers can easily order creative, safe and reliable Silent Snore snore reduction aid online, exclusively from the manufacturer’s official website

Customers will benefit from a 50 percent discount on each order for a limited time only, in addition to free shipping worldwide.

This amazing discount will immediately apply to your order, regardless of the kit you select. If multiple family members or friends have obstructive sleep apnea and implicit snoring, you can choose the best-selling kit (Buy 3 + 2 Free) and support your loved ones while saving big.

Buy Silent Snore

Silent Snore Customer Support

You can contact their customer service team via email at or by phone at +44 20 3808 9234 (international; available 24/7) or +552135003992 (Brazil only)

Final Verdict

Finally I have found a cure (Silent Snore) that ended my, and especially my wife’s, misery.  It was perfectly for me, I use it every day and it did solve my snoring problem. Today I enjoy a very good night sleep and my wife loves me twice as much.

Kylie Knox

Kylie Knox

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