uSmile Pro Reviews [2020] – is this toothbrush any good?

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uSmile Pro Reviews

Let’s see uSmile Pro 360° Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush reviews and find out whether this product will be effective for you or not.

Lately, I’ve been bedeviled by far too many cavities. I discussed the problem with my dentist, and we tracked it down to my habit of drinking sugar-saturated coffee continuously from sun-up to bedtime. Since a liquid sugar environment promotes tooth decay, he suggested I either down the coffee quickly or forgo sugar. Neither plan worked for me.

I decided to compromise by brushing my teeth twice a day, rather than once, and finding a method to clean them more effectively.

I’ve heard a lot about those newfangled u-shaped sonic toothbrushes. These devices work quickly and are designed to clean both the user’s teeth and gums properly.

After saw online ads then I ordered uSmile Pro 360° Electric Toothbrush.

uSmile Pro Description

Because of its modest price tag, I expected uSmile Pro toothbrush to arrive wrapped in bubble wrap and stuffed inside an envelope. To my surprise, I received a sturdy, professionally designed cardboard box. It contained the toothbrush, wireless charging unit, USB cable, and a user’s guide.

Yes! uSmile pro makes use of brightening gel and is painless and doesn’t cause any unwanted side effects, Easy to use for all ages too. How long will the whitening effect last, even when not in use? The white results last for 3 months, even after non-use, but upkeep(normal brushing)in between using the Usmile Pro.

Image 14

The main actions of this product are to maintain hygiene all around the mouth and mainly remove excess sugar, bacteria, and the floss from enamel and other parts of the teeth.

This way the gums too get to be free of the collection of unwanted particles around them and blocking their nerve endings. This helps the teeth and gums to gain good health and nutrition too.

uSmile Pro helps in achieving the perfect smile and have better dental health. This is the best product that the market has at present as it is nothing to be consumed and is all hygienic and useful. It also comes with a guarantee of actions that will help people get better dental health.

uSmile Pro Specification

  • Material: Food grade Silicone; ABS
  • Color: White
  • Product size: 6025110mm
  • Package weight: 290g / 10.2oz
  • Rated voltage: DC3.7V
  • Battery life: 1500MA
  • Input voltage: DC5V
  • Vibration power: 6W


ct4 1
  • After full charge, install U-shaped brush head.
  • Shake the liquid toothpaste, then press out the foam and evenly apply it to the U-shaped brush head.
  • Put the brush head into your mouth, relax your bite on the U-shaped brush head, and select the right frequency mode.
  • Easily brush your teeth, and move your brush back and forth, left to right with your hands at the same time, brushes your teeth for a deeper clean.
  • After brushing your teeth, use wet cloth to clean up the water and stagnation of the fuselage.

How Does uSmile Pro Work?

uSmile pro works in 3 simple steps:

Fix the brightening plate to the LED light gadget,
then apply the brightening gel to the plate,
and place in your mouth, before turning on the gadget to quicken the brightening procedure.

What Makes it better than other products alike:

  • There’s no need to visit the dentist.
  • uSmile pro maintains the health of your teeth.
  • It is easy to use and portable.

Benefits of Using uSmile Pro

  • uSmile pro guarantee great sparkling white teeth, in just 10–15 days.
  • It achieves the primary noticeable outcome in just 2 applications (10–15 minutes for each application)
  • Removes yellowish stains in just 6 applications.
  • The application is painless, and causes no side effect.
  • The white results last for 3 long months with negligible upkeep (normal brushing).
  • It propels teeth brightening framework and saves important cash.
  • Increases Self-esteem.

Primary Test

Although I am a qualified electronics technician, my expertise regarding this type of equipment is limited. With that in mind, I asked my dentist, Dr. Kevin Walsh, to examine this toothbrush. Dr. Walsh is highly regarded in his field and has practiced dentistry for over 28 years.

Dr. Walsh tested the uSmile Pro toothbrush for several days and then produced a report in the same format he uses when evaluating dental products for Clinicians Report. I have taken his main points and listed them in bullet form:

Good Characteristics:

  • Novel product. It fills the do it easier/faster niche.
  • Well-made and uses antibacterial materials.
  • Nicely sized with good ergonomics.
Image 3

Bad Characteristics:

  • Mouths come in many sizes, and the brush head used in this device will either be too large or too small for most people. Also, because not all teeth form a nicely curved arch, crowded teeth will be missed.
  • The ultrasonic strength is weak, even when using the strongest setting. Typically, ultrasonic brushes are very effective, and the vibration is much easier to feel.

Why is uSmile Pro so Special?

Most teeth whitening gels are expensive and still don’t do the work. Dental specialist offer white teeth treatment at the cost of a fortune but are known to be successful, but uSmile pro on the other hand, is affordable and whitens your teeth in just 10–15 days of consistent use.

Image 7

The mouth tray used in the design of uSmile pro ultrasonic electric toothbrush aims at the upper and lower front tooth, which the brightening gel and LED light effectively works to removes stains from the teeth. You’ll begin to notice whitening within your first 6 applications.

By applying everyday between 10–15 minutes, you can adequately view a new degree of white on your teeth without the need of a dentist expert. Then again no more visits to the dentist for any sort of removal of stains, because it can be done in you comfort zone.

Special Features of uSmile Pro

  • Easy to use by everyone, fast and hassle-free
  • Completely wireless and portable with included battery
  • Patented technology U-shaped silicon toothbrush with light therepy
  • Quality and Durable anti-bacterial silicon, which makes it easy to clean
  • Sonic and vibration cleaning technology for real results
  • Instant one button operation deep cleaning 360° toothbrush

Who Needs uSmile Pro?

Everybody needs uSmile pro, Yellowish-brown or stained tooth reduces self-esteem, that is why one most look for the most effective and affordable way to have a pleasant appearance.

If you smoke and still want your teeth to remain white, make no mistake and have uSmile pro by your side.

uSmile pro has been proving to remove the tuff stains to achieve the kind of whiteness that your dental specialist would tell you, could only be achieved through expensive procedures. So don’t waste any more time and try uSmile pro.


Is uSmile pro safe to use?

Yes! uSmile pro makes use of brightening gel and a harmless LED light, so you have nothing to fear.

Can this product be used anywhere?

Yes it can, the number one key feature of this product is it’s portability.

How long will the whitening effect last, even when not in use?

The white results last for 3 long months, even with negligible upkeep(normal brushing).

Does uSmile Pro harm my gum?

So many users are happy with the way it doesn’t bother the gums or cause any teeth problem, when utilized according to the producer’s suggestions ( 10–15 minutes for every application).

Is uSmile Pro harmful?

From the research and experience I and my team had with this product for close to three week, it is not harmful. The company made it in such a way that it has no adverse or side effect whatsoever.

There are a couple of tips from purchasers who have utilized the pack. For example, abstain from brushing your teeth directly before an application to limit any potential tooth harm and use it each other day if your teeth are not firm.

Is worldwide delivery of uSmile pro available?

The product is available for delivery across all the corners of the world, including USA, Canada, UK and Australia. So yes, it will get to you where ever you are.

Click Here & You Can Buy Directly From Manufacturer Website

Customer Review on the uSmile Pro

“It is worth the cost as it eliminates the risk of any tooth diseases. I noticed some differences after using this product for like one mone: smooth teeth, low plaque, and around one to two shades whitening teeth. Thumbs Up!” — Sophia

“This device is comfortable to use, and no complex issues involved. Recommended!” — Smith K

“I am Kevin and I had yellow teeth from childhood days. I used various toothbrushes and changed toothpaste to get white teeth but they all failed. Then I also tried many home remedies such as salt and baking soda to get clean teeth.

They also failed to give me shiny teeth. My college friend told me about uSmile Pro Advance Silicone 360° Toothbrush and I decided to give it a try. I ordered it online and tried for a few days. It is working effectively on my teeth day by day. This toothbrush is better than other costly brushes I used before. Now, my teeth are cleaner and whiter than before and I love using uSmile Pro UK brush daily.” — Kevin

“I am Harry and I had a plaque in my teeth. I wanted to buy a good quality toothbrush to remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth. I heard a lot of positive reviews of uSmile Pro from friends and neighbors. I ordered this product online and used it for a few days. It works faster than other brushes and removes plaque up to 99%. Besides, I also get fresh breath and a clean mouth. I feel fresh for the full day. Moreover, it makes my teeth shining and clean from all the sides. It is easy to carry anywhere while going for trips and picnics.” — Harry

Contact Support Info

  • Contact Customer service team:
  • International: +442038089234, available 24h
  • Brazil: +552135003992, 9:00 am to 14:00 pm,
  • Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)
  • Send an email to


From what we’ve learnt so far, uSmile pro ultrasonic electric toothbrush is a better alternative compared to other expensive methods of whitening teeth.

uSmile pro ultrasonic electric toothbrush aims at the upper and lower front tooth, which the brightening gel and LED light effectively works to removes stains from the teeth. You’ll begin to notice whitening within your first 6 applications.

Also, do not brush your teeth directly before an application to limit any potential tooth harm and use it any other day if your teeth are not firmly in place. Asides this, feel free to use uSmile pro and enjoy that sparkling white teeth you’ve been dreaming of.

Kylie Knox

Kylie Knox

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